Planet Mein is the only inhabited planet known in the Magversum. It has 8 continents and 265 countries in total. The sky color on the planet is normally cyan-greenish.



The largest continent on the planet, Bigshell is placed in the moderate zone with appropriate climate for most creatures. Historically, the continent was divided into three parts east to west - Tortem, Veezmar and East Shelland. Currently, the continent has fa-rotate-904 countries and historically is most peaceful continent with least conflicts. Bigshell is connected to Borealia in the north (through Yeti Road) and to Landia in south (through Frogger and Chocegg Highways)

Borealia & Poh Islands

Coldest grounds on the north end of the planet are also inhabited. Borealia has 7 different countries with same language and currency. Poh Islands is a group of 14 small islands between Borealia and Bigshell. Islands are shared between countries of Borealia All of them, except Polar Bear Island, are restricted for science needs.


Most remote continent of all, lays far to the west in the middle of the ocean and has no road connections to other continents. Diplodoria has 5 countries, 4 of wich are small-island microstates. Mostly inhibited by creatures commonly referenced as Dinos. Climate is sub-tropical.

Glyph Arks

A group of ancient artifical islands, totally 34 of them, each is a sovereign microstate. 30 of them are connected with cable car routes. Biggest of them is Lor, inhabited by 200 000 creatures. This is the youngest continent and it attracts many tourists and sea pirates. Climate is moderate


Landia is the second largest continent and most inhabited one. This continent also has largest number of historical conflicts. Totally 56 countries exist on Landia while 9 more are placed on nearby islands. Climate here is very hot and in some places it's very rainy.

Nyomu & Veemu

Two islands, west and east, connected to each other with lots of roads. This continent can be reached through Landia's East Bu Way. Continent is divided into 20 countries. Is widely known for it's unique culture in everything but unfortunately is not very nice for tourists. Tropical climate

South Grounds

Also known as Mad Islands. A bunch of smaller islands far in the south that are not connected or divided into countries. South grounds are known to be lawless with raging crime and therefore is not recommended to visit. This place is also where all the sea pirates live. Historically, these grounds were inhabited by dragon creatures of all kinds before the war has destroyed the islands.


Zarn is only continent that has no satellite islands.